Repair and maintenance of injection molding machine

1, check the operation of the mold is in a normal state: whether there is a low pressure clamping protection; active parts such as guide rod, push rod, line is worn, lubrication is good? Oil should be added at least 12 hours. Special structure should be increased. Die fixed template screws and locking clip is loose; the normal production condition: whether the defect inspection of product and mould; under the machine to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the mould and antirust processing: dry cavity core and ejector mechanism and a water spraying mold and other parts rust or smear butter. After the machine, the mold should be placed in the designated location and record: (1) mold condition: intact or to be repaired?. (2) anti rust treatment method under the lower die.

2, quarterly routine inspection: mainly for more than two months of no use of the mold cleaning maintenance.

2.1 open the mold, check the internal rust prevention effect, there are abnormal circumstances, must be re rust treatment. The long-term use of the mold must be painted butter.

2.2 put back in place and record well.

3. Maintenance matters needing attention:

(1). Non professional personnel or without professional maintenance personnel can not be allowed, removal of maintenance.

(2) the production process of small faults, the machine operator can be resolved according to the situation. Such as: 2.1 gate sticking: application of copper in feed mouth out, steel and other hard objects is not available on the mold. A slight cavity die mark 2.2, according to the cavity of the smoothness selection of polishing material. There are patterns of surface can not use sandpaper polishing materials, generally use copper brush diamond or diamond paste mortar brushing done by professional maintenance personnel. 2.3 product mold: usually with hot plastic coated products and ejection parts, after cooling out. Pay attention to not damage the surface of the mold.

(3) the professionals can not change the structure without changing the structure, and the structure must be approved by the quality engineering department.

(4) to ensure the quality of maintenance, to choose the right equipment, materials, tools and solutions to the problem, to complete the fastest.

4. Quality record:

1. injection molding machine and mold maintenance record sheet.

One, purpose: to standardize the use and maintenance of plastic injection mold, reduce the damage of the mold, ensure the quality and quantity to meet customer needs.

Two: Responsibilities: this standard must be trained by qualified injection molding personnel 2.2 injection molding foreman is responsible for the implementation and inspection supervision, supervisor regular supervision.
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