Led light bulb plastic injection blow molding machine

injection blow molding machine ibm


Horizontal injection system,plasticing reliable and operation easy.
Single crossbeam style clamping system,easy for mould amounting.
Variable delivery pump driving system, energy saved and efficient high.
Big mold dimension,output higher than same level machine.

Close mould cylinder, ensure product cleaning. The clamping force of the clamping force on the internalbalance, uniform.

Decreased the Machine height for easy assemble the mold. Unique hydraulic servo system, reasonable layout of the pipeline, so that the machine is running high efficiency and energy saving.The unique structure of the boost lock structure increases the clamping force and reduces the energy consumption of the system.

With servo system to control the mold rotary & increase rotary accuracy and reduce the dry cycle time.Special double cylinder horizontal valve plate superimposed injection system, so that the injection, storage more smooth and fast, beautiful appearance, Special plastic components, to meet the requirements of different products, multi-level injection, pressure projection.Internal layout optimization, equipment maintenance,maintenance more convenient.

Release the digital sensor detection, and increase the mandrel rotary detection function, realize the unattended, automatic operation.Optional air conditioning mandrel function, shorten the product cooling cycle,solve the problem of sticking mandrel.

The conveyor belt can be connected with the visual inspection, Leakage labeling and other equipment.

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