Injection molding machine lubricantion selection

In the injection molding process, rotation, linear motion and screw injection molding machines of both machinery and equipment, but also the transfer of kinetic energy of hydraulic equipment, as well as thermal energy conversion electric heating device, which gives the injection molding machine lubricants put forward more demands. Of course, for the injection molding machine lubricants we can follow the movement were machinery and equipment, hydraulic equipment and electric heating equipment lubrication General conduct, but some parts (such as injection and gearbox components, etc.) would need to consider using mixed lubrication method .

(I) manual or semi-automatic plastic injection molding machine lubrication

1. Injection molding machine gear box lubrication

Any failure transmission will affect the quality and quantity of processing. Spur gear on the box by the hardened and tempered shafts should ensure uniform and reliable lubricant film, the general cup and splash lubrication oil to meet the lubrication requirements.

2. Lubrication injection molding machine parts

The role of components is injected through the electric heating coil, plastic injection to achieve uniform heating temperature, pressure by the nip formed spiral rod injection pressure. Pressure plunger commonly used lubricating oil cup, rope and other oil lubrication methods.

3. The injection molding machine clamping portion lubrication

Clamping member from the pulley, screw, nut, vise and other components. Hit the block to adjust the position of the machine base vise on the side of the limit switch fitted to control the feed screw stroke, so vise achieve mold and mold. By screw, nut friction nodes smaller, the film easily pushed crack, so oil should have good oil, commonly used L-AN46 oil or HL hydraulic oil through the oil cup, wick lubrication.Injection molding machine manufacturers revolution inexhaust

4. The seat portion of the injection molding machine lubrication

Slide rail engine base is generally made of cast iron. Because the load on the rail and the speed is not large, so with mineral lubricating film can guarantee a certain boundary. Usually after gently touching the rail surface, traces of oil can be seen in the hands of it that has been maintained in the rail surface layer of film.

(Ii) automatic hydraulic injection molding machine lubrication

Features of this injection molding machine are: high degree of automation, performance, stability, and electrical, hydraulic interlock protection device, high precision and more complex structure.

1. Injection molding machine parts lubrication

As this part of the injection is complete dual cylinder pulling pre-plastic gear box, gear box driven by a screw, uniform plasticized film cavity plastic injection molding machine, the implementation of a key component injection molding. Movement more frequently, there are electric heating device, the lubrication system must be strictly enforced. The main part of the lubricating parts:

⑴ injection seat and rack rail surface plus L-AN46 Total loss system oil, once per shift.

⑵ the bottom of the gearbox (pins) rail surface plus L-AN46 Total loss system oil, once per shift.

⑶ rotation center plus oil, approximately 0.3L.

⑷ speed gear box plus L-AN46 oil system-wide loss of about 10L.

2. Injection molding machine parts lubricated shift

Hydraulic power shift mode, use direct pressure filling device, simple structure, reliable operation, less lubrication points. Mainly to ensure the four-column guide lubricant film formation, can be L-AN46 machine oil through the oil cup, wick lubrication.

3. The injection molding machine motor lubrication

Automatic hydraulic injection molding machine mostly by more than one motor drive, during routine lubrication, the motor should be lubricated as required.

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