China injection stretch blow molding machine manufacturer

Injection blow molding machine installation, commissioning and training:

The seller will send one or two technical men to install the machine for customer, and all accommodation, visa application & air ticket will be born by the buyer. The buyer also need to pay US$80 per day for the technician as salary.

Main Features

  1. After preform injection, the heat is used for bottle blowing, no need of preform packaging, storage, reheating and other working procedures.
  2. Less land occupation, simple management, high degree of automation, less labor intensify (1 person can control more than 3 machines).
  3. With a temperature adjustable station, suitable for complicated shape, difficult forming products (such as PP IV-solution bottles).

4.The compact structure greatly shortens the production cycle and enhances productivity.

5.Adopt variable pump and servo motor, maximally reduce energy consumption.

6.The replacement of the mold cost is far lower than similar foreign equipment.

Configuration of Injection-Blowing Machine :
1. Oil pump and hydraulic valve (Directional Valves, Power saving valves, Pilot operated check modular valves, and Throttle&check modular valves ): YUKEN brand Ex Japan.
2. Pneumatic valve connector: FESTO Ex Germany.
3. Hydraulic pressure hose: ISR brand Ex USA.
4. Oil seal: VALQUA brand Ex Japan.
5. Hydraulic Motor: INTERMOT brand Ex Italy or SAMUN brand.
6. Controlling system: JINGHUA brand Ex Taiwan.
7. Electronic Rulers: NOVOTECHNIK brand Ex Germany
8. Moulded case circuit breaker, contactor, Thermal overload relay: SCHEIDER brand Ex France.
9. No fuse breaker: SCHNEIDER -MERLIN GERIN
10. Proximity Sensor: FOTEK brand Ex Taiwan.
11. Digital controller: RKC brand Ex Japan.
12. Conveyer motor: TONG WAY TEAM brand Ex Taiwan.
13. Electric Motor: Siemens bran


Q:Where have you exported your equipment?

We’ve already exported to more than 30 countries in Aisa,Europe,Middle East,Africa,South America.etc.

Q:Can you arrange the visit to your user?


Q:Can you customized the machine according to our requirements?


Q:Is your equipment in accordance with GMP,FDA,WHO?

Yes,we will design and manufacture the equipment according to the requirement of GMP/FDA/WHO in your company.

Q:What it your payment terms?

Generally,TT or irrevocable L/C at sight.

Q:How about your after sale service?

We will reply you within 24 hours by email or phone.

If we have local agent,we will arrange him to your site within 24 hours to assist you to shoot the problem.

Q:How about the staff training?

Normally,we will train your staffs during the installation in your site,you are also welcome to send your staff train in our factory.

Q:How many coutries have you done the Turnkey Project?

Russia,Nigeria,Saudi Arabia,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan,Indonesia,etc.

Q:How long will the turnkey project take?

About 1 year from designing the layout to finish installation and commissioning.

Q:Which kind of after-sales service you can offer?

Except the regular service,we can also provide you  know-how transfer,and dispatch our qualified engineers to help you run the factory up to 6-12months

Q:What should we prepare for setting up IV plant basically?

Please prepare the land,building construction,water,electricity.etc.

Q:What kind of certificate you have?

We have ISO,CE certification ,etc.

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