Bakelite injection molding machine

Bakelite injection moulding machine

Bakelite injection molding machine is thermoset type injection machine,the material included PF,UF,MF,BMC,DMC

BMC means dough moulding compound and is also named DMC in Europe,and commonly named as unsaturated resign dough mould it compound or resin dough in short form, it is  the top class product in various heated and hardened forming material.

and has following characteristics:

1.electric insulation

2.High corrosive resistance

3.heat resistance

4.mechanical strength:reinforced glass fiber is contained,it is better than ordinary thermoplastic engineering plastics

5.color:adjusting of the arbitrary color,no paint baking,bright  color

and almost perfect .Haijia ,professional Bakelite injection machine manufacturer,warmly welcome your inquiry.

Bakelite injection moulding machine
Bakelite mouding machine price

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